7 Contemporary Nigerian Women We’re Happily Rocking To.

Nigeria is the music capital of Africa with a lot of global superstars and sounds being generated from our popular culture, in 2018 though it’s sad to see this is still a one-sided industry with most of the stars being of the male gender there’s hardly any room for the women to shine.

The typical Nigerian society is one deep-rooted in misogyny, seeing the woman as nothing more than a house accessory but over the course of history we’ve had very strong women champion revolutions and innovations like Funmilayo Ransom-Kuti, Ladi Kwali, Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde, Oby Ezekwesili, and so on, we wonder why music should be left out. Yes, this is a global problem as more companies and industries are fighting the arcade ideologies they have of they have of women, creating room for equal rights between both genders and we want to see that happen here.

The music industry is booming, it’s an exciting time to spark a revolution and has more women in different scenes of the industry being treated equally and given the exact same spotlight some their male counterparts have. This can only happen if everyone gives more to the women individuals creating wonderful music and we’ve been doing that with our #WomenInMusic series.

We decided to highlight some lovely ladies we have our attention on, their music, attention to craft and soul makes them interesting heavyweights for a new industry.

Jazz Atta

Jazzz Atta, real name Hanjara Atta is a unique vocalist, with an unexpected vocal range that leaves a lasting impression. Her music is her in every way possible, unapologetic about what it’s termed commercial, creating from her own inspirations and thoughts. She’s been making music since 2014, owning her craft with a series of live performances and two projects out she’s carving an organic and loyal following. JazzZ cites Fela, Nneka, Sam Cooke and Erykah Badu, as some icons who helped shape her sound by listening to their music.

This isn’t commercial, people won’t get what you’re coming from, you have to dumb down your lyrics, you have to change your style of singing. It just made me more stubborn, what’s the point in doing what everybody else is doing I just tried to perfect my style work harder, perfect my voice. – Jazz shared with Pulse Ng.


Maka is a Soul Singer/songwriter based in Lagos, Nigeria, Known for her fluid fusion of genres like soul, hip hop, Jazz and Rap. Her music influences date back to her childhood days in the choir with her mom.  She has a background in Law but decided to pursue a career in music full time instead. She’s shared stages with artists like Bez, Simi, Mi Casa among others, she’s graced the Felabration stage in Lagos and headlined her first solo concert in Abuja and Lagos in 2016 to launch her first EP “The Truth”.

Her sound has takes you to a soothing place of melodies to keep your world glamorous.


Tetta is a neo-jazz singer from Nigeria, we’ve been following her since her debut single ‘Radio‘, a song she says was written for ‘new found love and my willingness to keep my lover’s secret and be happy with every moment we share, from shopping for new books, to watching movies and to listening to the radio play.

She hasn’t released her debut body of work ‘Patchwork‘ yet but she’s been teasing with videos on Instagram of her working perfecting on her skills, it’s fun watching Tetta, who creates with immense talent break out into the star we kmow they can be.

Teni Entertainer

Teni Entertainer, younger sister of superstar Niniola, is a Nigerian Pop star, singer/songwriter in her own right. She’s been known for her long career in music which started as a producer then morphed into a record making artist that she’s become. After writing ‘Like Dat’, one of Davido’s hit songs last year, she’s been making waves with songs like ‘Amen‘ and new track ‘Fake Jersey‘.

When I was 3, I played drums for Buba Marwa, then when Bola Tinubu became Governor, I played for him. I also played for Fashola, when he was governor. I always knew I would end up doing something in the entertainment world. I realized it was more than hobby when I got to University in America and everyone started telling me to take music seriously. – She shared with Pulse Ng.

I was broke when I recorded ‘Amen’, that’s where the lyrics “when owu dey blow when money no dey” came from. but I put my heart to it. It was fun working with Shizzi, Shizzi is a spirit man. I went home and came back the next day, he had turned the song into a master jam. – She shared with Pulse Ng.

Efe Oraka

Efe Oraka is an Abuja based powerful singer/songwriter who’s been making music since the age of 12, with the support of her parents she released a recorded a 9 –track album titled The Beginning. Since then she’s grown into her music more, owning her chops on the Guitar, performing amongst stars like MI, SDC, & Brymo and a constant release of music mashups which she posts on social media keeps her fans happy as she works on her new project ‘Magic

Her breakout single ‘Wonderland’, the first track off her highly anticipated project produced by Tay Iwar is a tale on the negatives that come with a toxic relationship.

One of my favourite Disney cartoons is Alice in Wonderland! I was always so curious about it because I felt it was very different from every other cartoon. It was bizarre but in a really great way. Sometime last year, I took my curiosity a step further and decided to read the actual novel. I read about the author and inspiration for the book and became even more in love with it! Coincidentally, at the same time, I had feelings for someone so I just took the inspiration from the book and how I was feeling at the time and made a song out of it. – Efe told Konbini.

Davina Oriakhi

Davina Oriakhi London based British-Nigerian artiste, she’s a dynamic, soulful and versatile singer-songwriter and poet. After the release of her Debut Single “Content’, she moved back to her birth city and completed her Master’s Degree in Media and Communications in 2015. Davina has been winning over hearts and minds across Europe and Africa since her critically acclaimed 2014 debut single ‘Content’, which has since been followed up with ‘Silence’, ‘F.S.L.S.’ and ‘JuJu’.

Davina draws inspiration from Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu, Sade, Alicia Keys, and Brymo. Her debut Album ‘Love to a Mortal’, seamlessly weaves through a plethora of genres from R&B/Soul,  Jazz, Hip Hop, spoken word, to reggae and Afro-Fusion to highlight her musical fluidity, as she takes listeners on a spiritual love journey of love, lust, pain and joy.


Kah-Lo is a London/Nigerian known for her work with European DJ Riton, together they’ve created singles ‘Rinse and Repeat’ which went on to be nominated for Best Dance Recording at the 59th Grammy Awards, ‘Betta Riddim‘, ‘Money‘ ft. Mr Eazi and Davido, ‘Fake ID‘ and ‘Ginger‘, with her solo effort ‘Fasta‘ also breaking airwaves.

Well, you see I’ve always appreciated all types of music, because I just grew up like that, but working with Henry he introduced me, obviously, to whole new different world of dance that I didn’t even imagine existed. He’s been doing it for so long, so it’s the type of thing where he taught me a lot of things and he played me a lot records, and I’m like, ‘Wow, this is amazing.’ – She shared with OkayAfrica

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