Adam Srae’s soulful single “Introverted” captures his journey of growing in self-expression

Adam Srae is set to share his latest piece of art, a soulful new single titled “Introverted” on the 13th of July, 2023. It is his first solo release in 17 months, his first release of the year, and his latest work since participating in the Music Business Academy for Africa (MBA) 2022 Talent Project.

Soulful melodies and intoxicating lyricism fill this new track. Accompanied by smooth vocal delivery from the artist, he employs relatable lyrics and storytelling on this track where he speaks of his life as an introverted burgeoning artist, his love for peace, family, friendships and relationships, as well as the comfort and safety of one’s personal space. The new single is nothing short of human, spirit-filled and refreshing.

Introverted initially took form in August 2022, during Adam Srae’s career-defining 100 Days Songwriting Challenge, where he wrote, recorded and performed a new song every day for 100 days between June and September 2022. 

The song was completed based on Adam’s experiences after completing the challenge, joining the MBA program, and relocating from Benin to Lagos to further his music career. Its release is strongly inspired by the outstanding feedback it got from Adam’s audience and other music enthusiasts when Adam first posted the song on Instagram.

The track is produced by Kenwiza, FTK (who are also Benin City-based music creatives), and Chevvo. Adam’s long-time friend and collaborator from home, Kidda X, is responsible for its mixing and mastering engineering.

Listen to Introverted here:

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