An alien in town
An alien in town

An Alien in Town: A short-film by Daniel Obasi for Vlisco x A White Space Creative Agency

An Alien In Town‘ is a fashion film made by Nigerian photographer, stylist, creative director, and writer Daniel Obasi, a project curated by Vlisco and A White Space Creative Agency (AWCA) to take on narratives of identity, the young African space, our interaction with our environment, how we navigate these spaces, whilst having an alien among us, follow our journey and find understanding in what being African means in our current timeline.

‘The challenge Vlisco as a fashion brand faces in trying to connect with the modern African generation. Primarily, Vlisco is heavily centred around African traditional aesthetics and somehow over the years became a household name. I remember growing up to seeing my mother and her sisters and friends lavishly dressed in Vlisco prints to parties, church, etc. It was a defining fashion and class statement within African families but what changed? Why has Vlisco been replaced with other fabrics, and how can this decade’s old brand be possibly relevant once again to this modern generation; led to us developing an idea of a Fashion film that draws the past and present into an Afro-futuristic space that’s open to a lot of interpretations. It was really about building on the idea of having a stranger who has no idea what African fashion is or what it is like to be in Lagos to live through that in a very simple everyday scenario that is completely relatable’, Daniel Obasi shared about his short-film shot in both Lagos & Ogun state.

Fashion means different things, especially in a generation born with an insatiable thirst for freedom of expression and a will to have their ideas and opinions heard, the clothes they garb themselves in, are direct representations of who and what they are. The storyline of Daniel’s film touches on this so aptly as the clothes take on peculiar styles, [wearing looks by Nigerian designers Tokyo James and Abiola Olusola in Vlisco’s latest Dutch Wax fabrics] one that represents a sense of curiosity and creativity. There’s so much to discover around us here in Africa, one highlighted as the ‘Alien’ in Obasi’s movie finds that even the simple things come in an essence of its own, taking a normal life in Lagos as something unique in itself we begin to appreciate more.

Fashion and film are two frontiers to shape the narratives of the younger generation in a more contemporary light, Daniel’s work with VliscoAWCA (A white space Creative Agency) is a bold step in a fascinating direction, ‘The film was created as part of a new initiative by Vlisco titled Vlisco&co. It involves a collaboration between Vlisco and young creatives as well as fashion designers, who are brought together and allowed to interpret using the Vilsco fabric, their understanding of African fashion and show how Vlisco is once again relevant in today’s culture. It’s happening across West African countries like Ghana and Nigeria. For Nigeria, it was organized by the creative agency AWCA (A White Space Creative Agency).

Art Direction & Styling: Daniel Obasi 
Videography: Ugo Oparadike & assistant Deji Adekoya 
Production Assistant: Ifeoma Kalu
Composer: Emmanuel Ejidike 
Makeup: Lauretta Orji 

Adedayo Laketu

Adedayo Laketu is a creative inventor who's interested in curating a New Age for Africa across all mediums.

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