Voices of Music: Olawumi’s ‘My Fault’

Many times love can be toxic, enough to get  you to do the things you dread, the haphazard emotions and the striking push that make up the consequences. There’s always two sides to the story but before Olawumi delivers MOODY – her debut album, the 25-year-old Nigerian sensation creating soulful sonic energy from New Jersey is sharing the suaveness and lessons from a ‘once upon a time’ bond, and she’s taking the blames, outrightly.  In her return,  she shares the essence of the track “My Fault”, adding that it ‘summarizes the relationship and is based around a conversation I had with my ex before things ended. the producer of the song, Black Youth, is a 20-year-old native of Indianapolis who was going through his own situation at the time. through our pain we created something beautiful’.

Olawumi wrote the single last year, during a period of emotional and mental turmoil. At the time, she felt she was emotionally unavailable to her then boyfriend, and of course, took to music as an outlet. In an interview with MEFEATER, she explained how Mr X always made her feel like she was the cause of mishaps. Sometime in 2017,  Olawumi had fallen off the scene, feeling crushed, put down and to add to it, a seizure that led to brain surgery, she had to find her way back into doing what she loved. This she did, through the process of recovery, she had a self-realization and now she has made the comeback. ‘My Fault’ definitely gets a 5 star recommendation for your time 🎈


Photographer: DaiJohn McLaurin
Stylist: Gloria Agboola
Makeup: Skinnyy
Producer: Black Youth



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