If there’s one thing to note about Joshua Ahazie, it’s the truth that he knows his stuff and in fact, he’s proud of it. Joshua and I have had several conversations and I am constantly awestruck by his sagacity. So when John Bryne used ‘passion’ and ‘impact’ to describe him, it was certain I had met the right person. Joshua is the Founder & Team lead of The Atide Project, a social enterprise focused on empowering Nigerian ideas for social good. ATIDE provides resources and business expertise to local Nigerian entrepreneurs, artisans, and creatives and helps them compete globally by selling their products on the ATIDE website. In return, the selected entrepreneurs agree that a portion of each sale will go towards social good in Nigeria. This year, the ATIDE Project’s goal is to support 3-5 entrepreneurs and enhance education for 1,000 public school children by the end of 2019.

Charity by itself is not sustainable because it depends solely on goodwill. By blending business and social good, we’re creating customers, not one time donors; changing the narrative around the term “Nigerian” by allowing people to give and also take from our very rich culture.


ATIDE’s clarity of vision is the reason why we at MoreBranches believe it’s not another empty ’social good or empowerment program’ out there. Rather than pushing negativity, Joshua and his team are on a mission to change the way the world sees Nigeria by showcasing its people, its ideas and strengthening communities through – simply by doing good.  In conversations with Josh, he never fails to emphasize the need to not only give back but give properly – they partnered with Performance Fact on their Big Give/1000 kids initiative

ATIDE is pushing the talents and ideas within Nigeria as a force of change and is allowing anyone interested in Nigeria’s future to seamlessly give back to the country by experiencing it. ATIDE’s long-term goal is to revamp Nigeria’s business landscape and philanthropic scene by meshing the two fields in a way that is as inclusive of the Nigerian culture and its people. Joshua is a recent graduate from the University of California, Berkeley-Haas School of Business and was recently was listed by Poets and Quants and Forbes as one of this year’s Top 100 Best & Brightest Business School Grads in the United States.

Change in Nigeria is inevitable. The question that rests on us as the Nigerian youth [both home and abroad] is if we will allow the change to be positive or detrimental.

This is our chance to do something special.  An engine of change that is by the people and works for them — ATIDE is by Nigerians, with Nigerians, for Nigeria.

No one but Nigerians can ensure a better future for other Nigerians because no one else REALLY understands our struggle…We need to put aside anything that has hindered us from uniting, harness our collective strength, and do something that matters.

To be a part of ATIDE’s initiative, you can either make a donation or purchase merchandise from their select entrepreneurs. Whichever way, just know you’re making a difference.

Watch “Nigeria Everywhere” below — ATIDE’s heart pumping, vibrant campaign video produced by Uche Ezeoke & directed by Dami Orimoguje.


Richard Ogundiya

Journalist & Techpreneur. Africa, communications and data.

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