DaMi Collaborates with Malawian Songstress Thandi Marie on “In The Night”

“In The Night” by Nigerian musician DaMi and Malawian songstress Thandi Marie is a delightful new release. The track, produced by Ian Holmes based in London.

DaMi, who spent his childhood in Ibadan and Lagos after originally hailing from Osun State, began making music as a hobby during high school. In 2020, he took the plunge to become a recording artist and has never looked back. As an independent artist, DaMi is dedicated to creating high-quality content that resonates with his listeners on a personal level.

DaMi is collaborating with Ian Holmes on his upcoming debut EP, which will include “In The Night” as one of its tracks. The song was born from a freestyle session with Thandi Marie, where they explored various melodies and lyrics to capture the essence of the night.

Drawing inspiration from artists like Omah Lay, Santan Dave, and Sarz, “In The Night” is genuine, relatable, and enjoyable. DaMi expressed his excitement in sharing his music with the world and hopes that his listeners will join him on his journey of growth and self-discovery by taking a chance on his upcoming EP.

You can stream “In The Night” here and be a part of DaMi’s musical journey.

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