In 2018, Eclipse Live and 84 Project set out to show the beauty and diversity of modern-day Africa, in the bid to change the narrative and change perceptions by showing overlooked sides to a thriving, vibrant city/continent.  In partnership with the Gidi Culture Festival, a group of curious travelers was invited to experience Lagos, for the first time.

The visitors were treated to a 6-day excursion to discover authentic Gidi food, music, arts, culture and penultimately the Gidi Culture Festival.  In a 6-part docu-series, we show you an in-depth look through the perception of the group and the reality of their Lagos experience, titled #mygidi.

#mygidi ignites the journey in shaping the perspectives of the continent to promote and inspire others to travel into the continent and experience the diversity, complexity and unabashed beauty of one of Africa’s most vibrant cities.
“Gidi is home, welcome to #mygidi”

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