Helium [Thompson Ekong + Tinuke Noah-Ojo]

Tinuke Noah

Simple days can easily turn into the worst of days when you’re pulsing through the African sun, we all move crazy with ambition flowing through our veins.
She was made here, but we live with no history recorded of melanin humanity.
Seeking faith in a well of pain, misunderstood advances and suppressed transgressions.

We find Thompson in his most recent emotion, one he’s simply called a feeling of ‘Helium’.



An idea within him holds on to peace within the stories around his environment and art, to create from a place of inifite mercy for every living life form his idea can reach.

On conversations around art, life and having a conscious narrative behind our identities, I was swayed by the upliftment behind his words.
Not holding back the storms stored through his lens, formalities had no meaning.



With Helium, he seeked to store a time capsule of multiple directions he explains as ‘crossing boarders of two fiery paradigms.’
Simply put, he was captured by the female soul, especially the African woman mining away in search of uniqueness and purpose.

Mixed Roles.

As a visual storyteller known for his narratives, he laid his subjects as backdrops of his vision, one aimed to inspire equilibrium between the strength and compassion.

With an [ eight bar ] rap interlude by Tinuke Noah-Ojo, we set this canvas into your colors.

Filled with passion.
Catch her in her element,
Live in action.
Strenght like a Veteran,
Mad Compassion.
Just like the reverend,
Going through the passage –
Of time.
You can see Mars in her eyes.
You can feel the Stars align.
From the Heart, to the light.
Even in these bars that I write.
Freedom is a part of her life.


Credits :

Editorial Curation – Adedayo Laketu.

Photography / Visual Story – Thompson. S. Ekong.

Muses – Kosiso and Chisom from Zahara Model Management.

Art Direction – Segun Adeyemo.

8 Bar – Tinuke Noah-Ojo.


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Copyright © 2018 | Coupled by TODY

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