Hidden Gems: Skateboarder/Artist, Fahd Bello Is Part Of A New Generation Of Rebels

There’s a change in what it means to be a youth in Lagos right now, a rebellion in the hearts of minds below the age of 22. This generation sees things more unorthodoxly, an alternative perspective to everything the generation before them believed in.

Their music taste is more bizarre and expansive in range, a radical change in their fashion choices, their consciousness is more alive, they understand social issues and how profound they are to coexisting in true unity. They thirst for more and are connected to everything.

Being a journalist and observing their era blossom as they find their place in mainstream society, there’s something very pure about their energy. The ability they have to break new territory is their superpower, one that allows minds like 21-year-old Fahd Bello, artist and pro-skateboarder shine.

Meeting Fahd once and you’ll feel a certain energy that pulses through, you feel anything is possible.

Tell us about yourself?

Fahd: My name is Fahd Bello an artist and a skateboarder. I’m 21, and I live in Lagos. I like to think of myself as a surrealist and a rebel with a cause. I’m not the best at expressing myself so I express myself with my art and all the content I create.


‘A rebel with a cause’, that’s a nice tag, why do you tag yourself as one? And what’s your cause?

Fahd: I tag myself as one because I don’t sit back and relax when injustice takes place. I fight for equality of human beings both rich and poor. I’m against the status quo. So I’m doing things this society don’t agree with. Paving a different way for those who also want to follow this path.

How does this fit in the society you live in, a country that doesn’t support the unorthodox? Does this make it hard to live your truth?

FahdThat’s what I’m saying. It doesn’t fit, the only reason why it even exists is that there are others out there like me who think like me. We have communities of like-minded people. So living the truth must be hard. It’s the truth.

How did you get into art and skateboarding?

Fahd: I started drawing at 13, saw my elder brother do it. I liked it, I started and never stopped since then. 

I stumbled upon a skate clip online and fell in love with it. I borrowed my friend’s board and started practising in my sitting room.

Do you see a link between art and skateboarding?


FahdFor me, one cannot exist without the other.

You’re basically a professional skateboarder in a community that doesn’t really have that, making you a young pioneer in the culture. Tell us about your journey from picking up the board, to becoming a member of WafflesNCream, and the impact you’ve had on skating in general.

FahdI’m not a pro skater, at least not yet. after skating for a while my friend introduced me to a skate Gc called for skate Nigeria. From there I met Jomi, started seshing with everyone there and eventually joined the brand. Well, I’m not so sure about my impact, but I do know I’ve inspired and influenced a lot of young creatives. Especially through skateboarding. Everyone wants to skate now.

How does that feel, knowing skating is generally getting accepted into the mainstream?

Fahd: It feels satisfying.

What’s been your biggest accomplishment so far? And what lies ahead for you?

Fahd: It’s hard to say because there has been a lot. Not sure if it’s an accomplishment but I’ve come a long way from relying on my parents to doing things independently. I’ve also met so many influential people who want to be a part of my life and help me grow as a person and artist. I can’t speak too much about plans because of NDA but I’d be working on some personal projects this year like exhibitions, merch release etc.

What are you excited the most about the current rise of youth culture across the Lagos scene?

FahdThe streetwear and skateboarding culture.

What excites you about them? 

Fahd: Everything, the self-expression, creativity, open-mindedness they putting the world through them.

Adedayo Laketu

Adedayo Laketu is a creative inventor who's interested in curating a New Age for Africa across all mediums.

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