WafflesNCream’s New Skate Edit ‘YASIS’ is an Ode to Ghana

WafflesNCream first came on the scene as the pioneering brand bringing skateboarding culture to the city of Lagos a few years back when their viral Skate Film blew up an caught the attention of both the local and international scene.

If you’re a big follower of all things skateboarding, you’ll know that Skate-Edits which are basically short skateboarding films that help capture the soul, lives, and spirit behind the sport is one of the most integral things in a Skateboarding brand or individual career. The crazier and more curated the clip is the more ‘street cred’ the brand gets, which was the viral effect of WaffleNCream’s ‘Jide’.

Since then the Lagos based brand has gone on to do more incredible things, most notably their annual GoSkateDay event, a skateboarding show that brings together the fast-growing community of skaters, bikers, and others together.

In light of the Covid-19 various, WafflesNCream is back with a new skate edit which an ode to the brands’ long-lasting love for neighboring country Ghana. The new short film called ‘YASIS’ starts with Ghana becoming the first black country to gain complete freedom, quickly phasing into the modern-day life of a few skateboarders performing different tricks across Accra, Ghana’s capital city. Filmed and Edited by Mosako Lowsso Chalashika, the new short film merges both the thrill of the sport with the heart of Ghana.

You can watch the new film below.


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