Listen to WavyTheCreator’s Interlude 3

WavyTheCreator at a photoshoot for More Branches at the Baroque Age Studio. CREDIT: Kene Nwatu

Besides finding out who stole Boj’s loud, one of the hardest things any music fan would find hard to do is categorize WavyTheCreator’s sound. Soul? EDM? Who gives a damn as long as the music is good, right? Since the release of ‘H.I.G.H’ [Her In Her Greater Heights], she has gone through a continual evolution; experimenting with instruments as well as her voice to give us music that is fresh and challenging to our eager ears. A sound that perpetually begs the question of whether she is real or an alien from the cosmos.

Her latest single is ‘Interlude 3’, a continuation of the Interlude series she started after the release of ‘H.IG.H’. This beautiful and sultry offering features intimate lyrics, brilliant guitar playing in the background and Zamir, whose gruff-yet-smooth vocals complement her soft and mellow melodies. Enjoy the self-styled alien at her growing best here:


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