“Lustful Preexistence” is Beezy BASH’s soul-stirring collection of ballads

Beezy BASH has stepped out with his debut sound piece, Lustful Preexistence. Within the 7-track project, Bash navigates through several love terrains, with heightened sensual narratives and groovy Afro-Rnb melodies.

BASH infuses Afrobeat and R&B to tell stories of love and lust expressed in low tempos and his powerful mid-range vocals. He is a Nigerian artist based in Brooklyn New York and His EP Lustful Preexistence details his experience with love and how he has been able to wade through it, the desirable parts, the sex, thrill and all the downside that comes with the experience.

BASH brings on a very youthful, energetic momentum to his music, pacing it with succinct mid-tempo grooves, upbeat kicks, and exciting flows.

From the opening track, One Time, BASH offsets a euphoric mood as he tailors his lyricism towards romantic love and physical intimacy with his lover. He continues this sensual adulation with tracks like the chord-heavy RnB-funk fusion, She Bad, peaking with x-rated imagery in tracks such as Good Head, while bouncing off the sexual tension a bit, with a dose of romantic love expressions in the song Mami.

The melody on Lustful Preexistence gives a glimpse into BASH’s vocal superpower, his fluidity, cadence, and overall control with the backing melodies. The album shines for its artsy representation of a very mundane, cliched subject. On the surface, Lustful Preexistence feels like another random sensual playlist, but the storytelling, sonic direction and track-listing gives it a rather warming, inviting vibe, boosting its replay value generally.

With Lustful Preexistence, BASH steps out with an audacious tempo, an interesting intellect and a bohemian ambition. In this record, he puts his best foot forward, planting his own roses one song at a time. He tells stories that are relatable to average youth and the EP is one to connect with them on another level.

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