UK based Nigerian artiste, Able Jack enters the scene with an inspiring debut

The feeling of having your dreams looked down upon or completely shunned may be one of the worst feelings ever. A situation where you feel great passion for something but those around you do not? Not entirely the greatest of experiences. But what do you do about this? Do you sit back and let those dreams fade away? Or do you accept the challenge, and against all odds, chase those dreams and work hard till they become your reality? This is a story of Marvel Iruoghene, who goes by Able Jack.

Marvel Iruoghene, aka Able Jack is a Nigerian Afrobeats artiste based in Sunderland, United Kingdom who has just released a new single titled World Best.The single which stems from a place of deep passion and zest for music, entails the story of a young man who amidst all odds, kept working hard to make sure he achieves his dream of becoming a top artiste.

As the track title suggests, Able Jack believes hard work is what gets one his accolades. He believes hard work and perseverance together with doggedness in chasing one’s dreams is what will give one the title ‘World Best.’ He sings as he tries to relate with people who are having a hard time sticking to their dreams and believing in themselves. The track carries a simple message, ‘Never give up’ as the track is in itself an inspiration. Able Jack has always loved to make music. Although he hit a snag in the initial stage where he fell in love with the art of music, he never relented as he always made a note to himself to keep moving and focus on achieving his dream. The lyrics of the track hold a very powerful message and Able Jack truly believes he is able to be the best he can be.

Able Jack
Able Jack

Able Jack tells a story in this track, one which almost everyone can relate to. It is the beauty of the track. It is one thing to sing a song but it is entirely different to sing a song your listeners can relate to. He really put into consideration his audience and indeed, created magic. It really is no news that for some of us, some of our dreams seem too far fetched to others. Some dreams seem to others as though we’re building castles in the air. But Able Jack decides to combat those feelings on our behalf with this track. He inspires his listeners and tries, through solemn words of affirmation and smooth rhythm to tell them that any dream worth dreaming can be achieved, if they can just believe in themselves.

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