New Music Weekend Featuring Playgirlfavy, DJ Tunez, Burna Boy, Remy Baggins and more.

August promised our ears a feast and it hasn’t failed to deliver on that. The second week of this month brings us spectacular releases not only from poster kids of afrobeat but tastemakers from every other genre in between. To help you navigate this, we’ve curated a list of some of the new songs to checkout. 

Kiienka – Tables Turn

What’s the best way to flex your growth and success? Make a record that even your haters can do the woah. 

That’s what Kiienka created with ‘Tables Turn,’ a melodic-trap infused victory record that chronicles how far he’s come and how despite 2020, 2020-ing, he remains undaunted to win. This is one track we definitely want to manifest throughout this year. 

Faya – Mo’Believe

Earlier this year, Mo’Believe lost his studio, a culmination of impassioned hard work to a fire, in one day. But that didn’t stop him from spreading positivity with his craft. 

On ‘Faya,’ a swingy track done in his Yoruba folk-loric style, he compares his loss in the fire to the travails and challenges of life,  telling us to hold our chins up while providing the soundtrack to breeze through it too. 

Bando – Playgirlfavy ft Zilla Oaks, Phaeomous and B1G Nova

What do we love to see? Female producers in the industry killing it and getting the coins they deserve. 

That is Playgirlfavy, an audio engineer and music producer on ‘Bando,’ her first feature track. 

Bando features rousing piano riffs, 808s, and beats that’ll have you in your self-confident bag. The complementary features from Zilla Oaks, Phaeomous, and B1G Nova then bless us with hands-throwing bars, a melodious hook, and fluid lines that make the song a chef kiss in trap form. 

Swollen – Andre Wolff, Ayüü & PsychoYP

This cocky rap record will reassure you that the future of Nigerian hip-hop is in good hands. It starts slowly with Andre Wolff mumble-singing but that tempo is soon left in the dust as he drops curt, crisps bars. 

Next enters PsychoYP, who has been doing features with a work rate similar to Leicester’s Ndidi, to deliver a hook that’ll have you on your feet and an equally resounding rap verse. Ayüü then closes the record with a verse that takes no prisoners. 

No Regrets – Remy Baggins

Being an artist who has earned his chops as a versatile rapper/ singer, it comes as no surprise that Remy Baggins’ new single is a resounding rap affair with infusions of alternative rock. 

On ‘No Regrets’, Baggins pours out his heart on his struggles and the pressure attached to doing music, but as the title says, he has no regrets. 

Pami – DJ Tunez ft Wizkid, Adekunle, Omah Lay

DJ Tunez and Wizkid have made it a thing to bless our ears occasionally with records that feel like an energizing balm. 

But this time around, DJ Tunez decided to serve a collaborative, cross-generational buffet, dishing out melodies from not only Wizkid but the newly branded Adekunle Gold and break-out star, Omah Lay. 

‘Pami’ is one track that’ll have you grooving at every listen and also leave you marveling at where Wizkid’s bit ends and Omah Lay’s begins. We won’t be saying but the answer lies within.

Monsters You Made – Burna Boy feat Chris Martin

We’ve all learned to not be surprised by seemingly unlikely collaborations. But I don’t think anyone could have predicted a Burna Boy track featuring Chris Martin of Coldplay. Especially on a politically charged rager. 

According to Burna, it was inspired by the 6-decades old case of exploitation in his state, Rivers. 

‘On Monsters You Made’, Chris Martins delivers an electrifying chorus and hook that sets the tone for the raw emotions that Burna exudes. 

With lines like ‘so fuck the class and school, fuck Mungo Park and the fool that said they found River Niger, they be lying to you,’ you’re instantly fuelled with the anger and the pain Burna Boy sings from. 

Body Like a Gun- Th&o. ft Sarah Jackson

This is the second single off Th&o’s upcoming album, Ebsuku. 

‘Body Like Gun’ is an electronic-pop and RnB infused track that features Sarah Jackson’s vocals to create a record that feels just as sexy as the title depicts.

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