Nigerian R&B Sensation Hermez Drops 2-Pack ‘VROOM / Militant’

Houston-based R&B sensation, Hermez, is back with a bang, releasing a captivating 2-pack, ‘VROOM / Militant,’ following the resounding success of his debut album, ‘OASIS,’ which made waves last October. This album, featuring a star-studded lineup including Suté Iwar, Tim Lyre, MOJO AF, and AYLØ, has already amassed nearly 1 million streams across all platforms and earned coveted spots on Spotify’s Fresh Finds and RADAR playlists. Distributed by WeSokoAfrika, this release also received recognition from 49th Street, COLORS, and Native Mag.

‘Militant,’ the first of these two explosive singles, showcases a newfound silky quality in Hermez’s signature sound, masterfully engineered by Alec Ness. Meanwhile, ‘VROOM’ exemplifies Hermez at the peak of his artistic prowess, delving deep into themes of lost love and heartbreak. In this self-produced track, he collaborates with the sensational afro-fusion artist, Geoxpress, hailing from Port Harcourt.

In Hermez’s own words, “Militant” is a tender and intimate confession, a poetic serenade to a lover, and a direct declaration of his intentions – a journey to his ‘habibi.’ From friend to ‘chargie,’ Hermez portrays love as a battlefield, a terrain worth fighting for, despite its inherent dangers.

Hermez’s soothing vocals transport listeners to a tranquil, almost ethereal realm, inducing an unnatural calmness – the perfect mindset for pursuing one’s ‘Habibi.’ Infused with sensuality, ‘Militant’ harnesses dynamic RnB sounds to both soothe and invigorate, making it a must-listen record for the summer season.

Hermez’s ‘VROOM / Militant’ promises to be a captivating addition to his growing discography, leaving fans eagerly anticipating his next move in the world of R&B.

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