#PhotoEssay: Eniafe Momodu’s New World Order Brunch in Lagos

It’s no news, Africa is presently experiencing a creative explosion and young people in Lagos are spearheading it. From entertainment, media, fashion, technology and business, the creative industry will most likely be a major asset and largest contributor to the country’s revenue in a few years.
To foster the transition towards sustainability we must look beyond mainstream positions, behaviour and opinions and know how to recognise, in the complexity of signals that society sends us, those that are most promising. In other words, those emitted by certain minorities who have been able to set up on a local scale radical innovations in ways of being and doing things. Once identified we must foster them and facilitate their diffusion.

One of the many young pioneers actively playing in this borough is LondonLagos based photographer and creative director – Eniafe Momodu. His burning passion for the scene has led to him to build a safe space where young people can relate with industry professionals over food and wine. The first edition of ‘New World Order Brunch’ happened on 6th of January in Ikoyi, Lagos, featuring a panel discussion hosted by Eniafe himself, Stephanie Coker (OAP & Media professional) and Adebayo Oke-Lawal (Designer & Founder of Orange Culture), other notable faces include Richard Mofe-Daniel, Jola Ayeye, Damilola Odufuwa, Eniola Hu, Sophia Momodu, Famous Bobson and a lot of amazing people. There was loads of interactions, excahange and insightful knowledge and I can’t wait for another one!

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