#PhotoEssay: ‘Sisterhood’ from the lens of a male photographer.


Sisterhood by Alban Bulibirha is a photo-audio project that documents the various aspects of sisterhood in different environments. According to the visual storyteller, he was baffled by a question from his female friend about the idea of a male photographer portraying sisterhood. Through this project, he was able to capture beautiful genuine moments between real sisters as well as the moments that brought him joy as much as they did for them. Alban was more intrigued by their advice for the “unique girls” out there. “It’s not about the blood connection, but rather the value they bring to your life. Sisterhood can be found in a friend, another relative, or even strangers” they all said.

About Alban
He is a Congolese born self-taught photographer and visual storyteller based in Cape Town, South Africa. Although he’s a quality engineer, Alban says he discovered the power of visuals as a tool for self-expression and storytelling medium during his college days. Through visuals, he’s able to express his own emotions and those of the people he photographs, the people that allow him to tell their story. He blogs at albanbulibirha.com.

Simone Peters
Micaela Peters
Michelle Mzee
Stephanie “Kenyaa” Mzee
Therese Cirha
Oliva Cirha
Kelly Castelin
Kate Castelin

Amance Mukwanga

Creative Assistants:
Fabien Mweze
Nathan Lunda

Richard Ogundiya

Journalist & Techpreneur. Africa, communications and data.

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