#PhotoEssay: ‘The Hair Appointment’ by Visual Story-Teller Josef Adamu

Nigerian-Canadian visual storyteller, Josef Adamu recently unveiled a new photo series, The Hair Appointment, which celebrates the art of hair braiding. The stunning series was released on his creative platform, Sunday School.

The strikingly colorful series focuses on women and their hairstyles, with pictures taken of the process of black hair being braided, beautiful and intricate hairstyles, schoolgirls proudly rocking their braided hair and more, Konbini Reports.

As Adamu says in his explainer, “The Hair Appointment was a visual series curated to demonstrate the beauty of hairstyling as a process, a lifestyle, and an overall experience. Our team used this opportunity to offer our visual perspective of hair braiding and everything that coincides.” He continues: Additionally, we captured an intimate hair braiding session from a family home, displaying the location flexibility of hair braiding and the emotions that come with it. As a team, we felt it was essential to show children as key components of the process. Whether they’re physically learning the hair braiding routines, running around the shop, or simply getting their hair done, they add a strong element to the environment as a whole.


Director/Producer—Josef Adamu

Photographer—Jeremy Rodney-Hall


Co-Producer—Helena Koudou

Wardrobe Styling—Habibat Adetonwa-Julmat

Makeup—Ernest Robinson

Talent—Taylor, Yohana, Idayat, Aziza, Hamzia, Zakia, Jackie

Adedayo Laketu

Adedayo Laketu is a creative inventor who's interested in curating a New Age for Africa across all mediums.

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