Spotify Launches In South Africa.

Spotify, who had been planning to launch in South Africa since 2014 has finally launched its services on Monday, making South Africa the first African country the streaming service will operate in.

Spotify is the world’s biggest streaming music company with more than 60 million paying customers,a community of almost 160 million users, and offers a range of music discovery tools favoured by its fans.

Its launch in Africa has been long awaited as we’ve seen other streaming platforms like Apple Music and Deezer establish themselves as the go-to streaming services for Africans with a variation of local platforms to choose from but the smaller platforms lack the music library depth.

Spotify’s launch in Africa is past due, Africans are somewhat well connected to the internet and the marvels of streaming, it only makes sense the music streaming giant taps into this pool of eager listeners looking for a medium to satisfy their global music taste which is where Spotify comes in as their well known for their music curations done by their diverse playlist highlighting music from all over the world across multiple genres.

The South African launch of Spotify’s came a few days before they announced their IPO (Initial Public Offering) an unconventional listing happening on the trading week of April 2 at the New York Stock Exchange. It will host a press conference in Johannesburg on Tuesday to disclose further details about their operations in South Africa.

It will cost R59.99/month, an equivalence approximately of $5 which is cheaper to what subscribers in US who pay $9/month. They’ll be offering a 30-day free trial for their premium service with the free tier plan also available.

Hopefully, they’ll have a successful launch in SA, expand into more African countries soon, and we can all discard the VPN applications we all use as our only gateway to music streaming glory.



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