So you Want to Start a YouTube Channel, But first…

The best time for content creators is now, more than ever. Whether you’re creating text or video content, the audience at your disposal increases with every new social media app that gets innovated, and with every new person who signs up to existing social media apps and content sharing platforms.

Years ago, everyone wanted to be a blogger. There was the widely held belief that there was a goldmine in blogging, just great your Blogspot account and sign up for Google Adsense and voila you were on your way to cashing six-figure checks every month. Tech money innit?

Today, the craze is to be a YouTube Vlogger. Stories are awash with how YouTubers are cashing in and making in tons of money just by creating videos and uploading them on YouTube. Making Youtube videos are fun, and making money on the side, must be awesome, sign me up.

But it is important to look beyond the headlines of these success stories. There are so many things to consider before you order your tripod from Amazon to start making these videos, and like every career path, it isn’t always roses and money stacked in your basement like an episode of Breaking Bad.

Before you go into creating a YouTube I made a checklist of things to consider so that you don’t end up a number on the statistic of failed YouTubers.

Find your micro-niche.

The first thing you need to do before you start your career as a YouTuber is to find your niche. And even better still, your micro-niche. So, say for example you want to be a travel blogger, there are so many travel bloggers out there and it’s important to find your micro-niche within the expansive walls of YouTube travel bloggers. So you might want to consider travelling with work nomads and documenting their lives working while constantly being on the road.

Know your audience.

Your friends and family are not your audiences. It’s great if they support you, but you won’t get by having 56 views on your video. I strongly that when properly put together, no matter the content you are creating there is an audience out there that wants to watch, listen to or read what you are creating. If you do not know your audience it would be difficult to connect with them, get the feedback that you need to continue creating the right content and your efforts will tank right before liftoff. Do research, define your demography, know what your crowd listens to, what they eat, the lingo they use, when they sleep, their fashion habits, know your audience like you know the back of your hands so that every video you put out will be like water to a parched throat.


Build a following.

When you see successful YouTubers, it is easy to assume that they became an overnight success. That isn’t the case. YouTubers spent years building authority and following on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook putting out useful information, interacting with peers in their field, honing their craft, receiving feedback from followers, making a ton of mistakes along the way before getting to the point where they can monetize with YouTube or as an influencer marketer. Want to be a successful YouTuber, start today with your Twitter and Instagram. Create bite-sized content in your microniche and amass a faithful and interactive amount of followers, build a network of peers, mentors, followers and even corporate bodies that could be potential partners and sponsors, and when the time is right, open that YouTube channel. Already, if you are great at what you do creating super bite-sized content, your followers would be begging you for a YouTube channel and it wouldn’t have to be you going ‘Please guys lets get to 100 YouTube subscribers 😢😢😢’


Make your videos super fun.

Nobody wants to sit through a bore-fest. It’s needless to say, but I’ll say it, make your videos super fan. Be witty, give useful information, go straight to the point, make your edits super clean and dope – use jump cuts, do not forget that your primary aim is to entertain. The time your audience is spending watching your video can be used to watch Netflix or a ton of other stuff that’s available on our screens these days. It’s your 15 minutes of fame, don’t waste it.

Experiment with TikTok and Thriller

Tiktok and Thriller are great ways to try out your skills and content, see if the ideas you have in your head can be translated into a living, walking creations that can hit it off. They are also a way to get followers and go viral. With TikTok, you can learn what works and what doesn’t, and as a matter of fact, some of your ideas for long-form video content might hit off better when compressed into short videos on TikoTok or Thriller.


Practice, every day.

You need to have excellent speaking and conversational skills to succeed as a YouTuber. If you are not already great at that, throw yourself in the water now. Seek out speaking opportunities at work or school. Practice speaking to an audience, practice looking at the camera, practice your lines. Many people can put out great videos on YouTube without needing a script, depends on their expertise, confidence and what they are talking about. Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown of ASAP Science need a script to pass on all the cool science facts that they dish out in their videos, while Hyram wouldn’t as he just gets in front of the camera and reviews skincare products based on experience using them. Whatever your approach, it’s important to get it right with a lot of confidence that would only come from constant practice.


Plan your Content, for a Year.

What is the one thing you need to have a successful career in any field? The answer is consistency. I’ve seen lots of people give up on YouTubing after 4 videos. One of the reasons this happens is because they do not plan their content for long. Before you open your channel, plan a year-long content on paper, or an Excel sheet or whatever. CoSchedule has a great resource for this. That way you can see if you are ready for the long haul. If there’s real passion there, more likely that you’ll see it through after penning down content ideas for a year, than just jumping right in front of the camera to take it one day at a time.


Have a team.

You can’t do everything on your own. Have a team that is as invested in your project as you are. Your stylist, editor, marketer, and publicist everyone, and let there be a clear cut plan, in contract on how they get a piece of the cake. If the team is motivated there are more chances you will succeed. You may assume more than one role on the team, that’s okay, but don’t be the one who does everything. Look for people to collaborate with and get the best ideas and input out of everyone.


Contributed By Caleb Olorunmaiye.

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