Voices of Music: Djaji Prime’s debut mixtape, ExPRESSION is full of escapist fantasy, grief, and grit

Djaji Prime recently teamed up with veteran producer CHx for his debut offering “ExPRESSION”. The project tells the story of a young man’s battle with his demons and his attempts at making sense of the weighing thoughts that revolve in his mind.


Set against the chaotic backdrop of Lagos, ExPRESSION rages through the enthusiasm of embarking on a new journey, while exploring the paranoia and self examination that define such an endeavour.

Travis Scott’s ‘Astroworld’ has those bops in abundance, same as Djaji‘s ExPRESSION.

ExPRESSION draws on a wide palette for inspiration, from Japanese samples, and grimey production, to Afropop references, and neo-R&B melodies.
ExPRESSION features support from Boogey and Paybac as well as Mon Lee, Ria Shawn and ODC to tell a riveting story about struggle and growth.

We want more educated and fulfilling rap conversations like this one.

“I’m mad over things they complain about ”

It’s full of personal rumination, grief and grit, escapist fantasy, hyperreality and some serious melody making. 
Friends, Family, Fans & Trols
Who’s album is this song from? Get it wrong? You drink. You’re welcome.
He never screams his words — he raps methodically, painstakingly.
The album is a highly produced experience, with a lot of talented artists too.
The lyricism and delivery is top notch, Djaji sits as one of the few MC’s we should look up to hold a note.
At some point, Love comes in, as usual.
The balance between his hopes and despairs are foggy on this album and probably won’t ever find their equilibrium.
The project finds Djaji Prime playing the position of a street smart professor who almost pummels you into submission with his lessons on leveling up.
When you relied on the wrong kind of coping mechanisms to make yourself whole again.

All of them are gone they’re dead to me.

It ranges from unrequited love to suicidal ruminations, all while he maintains an understated cool over beats designed to make terrestrial radio vibrate.
Emotions with precise thoughts and harsh execution. 
ExPRESSION is a mixtape by Djaji Prime and CHx which tells a mind bending mindbending story of self-discovery and growth”

Listen to ExPression on all streaming platforms.

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