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We’re all used to the clubs, it’s the weekend and we find ourselves at Escape, 57, Quilox with the same DJs playing the same ‘Club Bangers’ by your regulars with evryone either there to ‘pop‘ the most amount of bottles and show off their ‘Lagos Big Boy‘ status or there to big up the ‘popping‘ guys in turn for a sexual business transaction, the real cruise of being at a rave or club has been lost on us and the DJs themselves have forgotten the art and craft of being at the helm of a spin table, the joy that comes from curating sounds that sparks different emotions.

If you’ve ever seen Aye! perform you’ll experience something unique in the way he curates his sets, the music comes from a place of pure inspiration and love. Each track selected moves you from one reality to another, a new idea, feeling, emotion or musical narrative being passed as he plays on the decks. The craft of DJing is reborn, the real intent and aim of gathering a group of people together to rave, to lose themselves in the music, to lose themselves in a moment they’ll never forget, a moment that drives and fills their bloodstreams with joyous energy!

This is the foundation of OFFBEAT Live, a party curated by AYE! through his collective Village Sound System and More Branches OFFLINE to energize the youths in a new way, one that plays the kind of music they listen to, one that’s free of the limiting social walls a typical club traps you in, one that allows you bring your own liquor and turn the fuck up in your own way without hesitation. It was the birth of a new culture to inspire the nights’ & alte kids and create interaction within a new wave of millennials looking for something exciting to keep their flames burning.

With the first installment hosted at the Baroque Age Studio, we opened our doors to everyone to come experience the start of something grand and alien. This is the beginning of a diverse LAGOS PARTY!

Images & Film by Kene Nwatu.

Adedayo Laketu

Adedayo Laketu is a creative inventor who's interested in curating a New Age for Africa across all mediums.

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