#WeedChronicles: The Art Of Wake & Bake

If there’s one thing any stoner can relate to it’s the power of starting the day with a good joint. The science of ‘wake and bake’ is one we’ve been trying to hack forever. Starting the day with a joint for a lot of stoners is a very important and intimate moment of their daily lives. For some, catching a head full of THC is just as much a part of wiping the cobwebs from the brain than several cups of coffee.

What makes a wake and bake so amazing is its ability to pull a person out of the morning funk and give them the strength to hit the ground running.

Do we all Wake & Bake?

According to a 2017 Global Drug Survey, nearly 32 percent of the pot smokers in the world, in fact, hit that J very early to start their day. Although the data does not give any explanation for this phenomenon.

For most people being high in the morning has a way of erasing some of the anxiety of their day, especially for those working in 9-5 or have heavy tasks planned out for the day. For some, this practice even provides a boost that lends to super-productivity.

Wake and Bake Logic?

There’s no real logic to it but we can all agree that marijuana gets us super stoned very early in the day.

Some believe the intensity is nothing more than an illusion—the brain is not functioning at full capacity yet, thus creating the perception of a more intense buzz.

Logical Reason – When smoking marijuana first thing in the morning, the THC is hitting a drained body. In the morning, the body has been without nutrients for several hours. This makes THC appear more potent. Why? Nothing else has yet been consumed for cannabinoids to compete with.

Wake and Bake Tips

  • If you are waking and baking with anything other than a Sativa, you’re doing it wrong. (Sour Diesel and Blue Dream are excellent selections)
  • Contrary to popular opinion, it is also helpful to eat something shortly after the first hit of the day. Although a person might be high, happy and ready for work, the body still needs food to function at its maximum capacity.
  • It is also wise to have a firm grip on the dose, too much and it could make you too fucked up to actual function.
  • Vaporizers can provide the early high timer with more control over the size of their hits than old-school methods, like smoking a bowl.
  • Low dose edibles are also an easy way to maintain an even buzz throughout the day.

Final Hit.

Wake and bake doesn’t work for everyone and for others it can some getting used to, it is really about what works for the individual user.

Some addiction experts argue that waking and baking is less therapeutic and more of a problem. In 2016, a team of researchers found that using marijuana in the morning could be a sign of cannabis addiction. The study, which was published in the journal Addiction Research and Theory, suggests that the wake and bake practice is no different than a grabbing a few beers in the morning. Drinking alcohol during the day has long been associated with alcoholism.

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