Meet 21-year-old Alternate RnB Artist WhoisAkin

There’s an incredible new wave of underground artists that have taken to the stage since the beginning of the year, using the new decade as a way to propel themselves into the already saturated ears of the public.

The Corona lockdown has played a role in this, with everyone at home and on their phones, there’s enough time to go through new music releases. We’re all looking for the next best thing to quench our boredom as long as the good music keeps coming our ears are ready to listen.

This has given an opportunity for rising for individuals like 21-year-old alternate RnB artist ‘Whoisakin’ to capture everyone’s attention with the release of his new project ‘Full Moon Weekends’ which earned him the attention of Afrobeat superstar Mr Eazi – his idol.

We caught up with Whoisakin to find out more about his sonic journey so far and his vision for music ahead.

What’s your full name and how old are you ?

Whoisakin: Akinola Akin. I’m 21.

What got you into music?

Whoisakin: OMG, just ‘deeping’ I actually don’t know how I got into music. I think it was growing up in a family that loves everything about music and listening to it all the time.

What’s your creative process?

Whoisakin: Even though I got a set up in my room. I never record music unless I’m inspired by something. Probably I heard a song I like and I want to make something like it. Or I feel some type of way and I want to express it through the music. So most times, like I did on this project. I just lay on my bed and come up with melodies that fit the mood and record it. But I always make sure I get the right lyrics on the spot to fit in with the melodies or just vibes because I don’t like going back to songs. I know I can never feel the same way I felt the first time when I recorded it so yeah, I finish it at once.

What would you describe your sound as?

Whoisakin: Woulda said ‘Banku’ cause I learned everything from Eazi but I got some RnB fusion and everything into it. I think it’s just calm vibes. Someone called it  “Yoruba Alte”, I don’t know.

What was it like seeing that co-sign from Eazi?

Whoisakin: I broke my phone in the process. That was the height!

What was the inspiration behind Full Moon Weekends?

Whoisakin: I’m nocturnal! I always wanted to create a project for late-night drives and talk about things that feel like night time. Don’t know if you get me. It’s just the way the music makes me feel. I want people like me to feel it too.

How does it feel to see how well the project is doing so far?

Whoisakin: The feeling is surreal. Can’t believe this is actually happening. I just know it’s God.

So what’s next for you?

Whoisakin: More music definitely. And Definitely hope I can host my own show! To see people sing along to this. Bigger moves all year by God’s grace.

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