Zaradise season isn’t over and Zarion is already here for YOU

Beyond developing a personal blueprint for success and investing in an aspirational vision, making the decision to dedicate all of your energy into achieving a dream demands a willingness to challenge tradition and establish new rules that can be adopted by those looking to follow in your footsteps. This isn’t the first time I’m writing about Zarion’s music, aside the fact that I’ve known him since college days when he used to be leader of South city, a music group of four rappers and singers that made waves; he embodies the energy and talent of an indie artist, bearing the burden of building his career from ground up between Georgia and his home country Nigeria, mastering his craft and digging for more reach.  Zarion sings really good afrosoul nusic, many times about love and some times melodious cruise. On his latest track YOU, he is channeling his lover boy spirit into a stretch of nocturnal fantasies with the girl of his dreams. Talking about gbedus, YOU is the perfect bedtime jingle, but remember to play it safe guys.


Richard Ogundiya

Journalist & Techpreneur. Africa, communications and data.

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