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Instagram has become a minefield for visual content starting with images, then expanding into videos, then stories and with the launch of Instagram TV everyone has the power to direct their audience into a light of content ranging in different visual forms allowing the world to understand the lives of different people, ideas, stories more cause they’re getting a somewhat closer look and perspective from the account curating the content for their digestion.

Africa is topping the leaderboard of creative content currently immerging from the global millennial and generation Z, exceeding at home turf and around the world with rich content using social media apps like Instagram to show a side of Africa conventional media never carry, through platforms like Instagram other forms of Africa’s beauty like fashion, art, tech, are curated in an aesthetic form, discussions like sexuality, freedom, value are highlighted using their structures and angles of beautification to tell a make their own mark.

We highlight different Instagram accounts we rate:


Manju is a culture and art publication exploring the diversity in contemporary African fashion, music & society. Through their social media accounts, they’ve been able to catalogue the growth of the new age as well as documenting those that have trailed the part before.


Nollywood, the Nigerian film industry has been the top 3 players in the global film system for years, our craft, technique and equipment might have been substandard we didn’t let this stop us from shooting countless movie titles and film hours which we’re now appreciating with Nolly.Babes an Instagram account dedicated to reliving those nostalgic movies. The account which is curated with images and clips from past movies allows us to appreciate the little things, like their style, jive and character of the past was way ahead of its years if only it had been constructed better.

The Man She Rejected #nollybabes

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💔 #nollybabes #nollywood

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More Branches TV

Not to blow our own horn but we hold it down on our Instagram with images curated by our Head of Operation, Korede Ogundiya with the aim of showcasing young African minds currently setting the pop trends in fashion, music, art, tech, culture and everything around the rebirth of Africa. The account also covers shows in happening in the city of Young Lagos with their highlights and with the launch of Instagram TV they’ve begun to curate content for their growing number of Afrocentric millennials glued to their phones.

The Weekend Take Off Memories from @wflsncrm #goskateday2018, for #morebranchesmag

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This account is managed by a someone who has a unique eye for scenery with a Minimalist construct and abstract photography with colourful details, her account gives the world of Nigeria always shown in a gloomy light an extra spunk of brilliance taking normal day objects to a visual paradise.

Container. #container #blue #rusty #minimalism

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Distort. #minimalism #minimalistphotography #coolcolours

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Look deeper. #view #perspective #photography

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Star Girl. #minimalism #minimalistphotography #slides #denim #yellow

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A Nasty Boy

ANastyBoy is a Nigerian publication that examines queerness in the African people, culture and society. Though being openly queer in most African countries is still illegal, ANastyBoy pushes this conversation into the mainstream position, taking a stand for many young African kids who aren’t allowed to express themselves cause their nation casts them as outcasts, weirdos and criminals, through their curated page they show all sides of the African sexual spectrum in all it’s erotic and beautiful glory.

Photographed by @tatendachidora

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the stunning @_sonofdavid shot by the incredibly talented @lakinogunbanwo

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