Voices of Music: Zarion Uti And PsychoYP keep the dreams alive with AYÉ

Music is my escape, especially music that I relate with. Zarion Uti is that kind of guy, you’ve probably never seen Afro-soul at its best. In his latest single, AYÉ which translates to Life in Yoruba (a west African language), Zarion and PsychoYP are reminiscing on what it means to be young, entrepreneurial, full of energy and big dreams. This track is the war song for the resilient soldiers who navigate through the everyday life with hopes of better days.

Zarion Uti and Psyco YP aren’t aggressive with their claims. They don’t demand respect they have not earned, they are simply promising listeners that despite what the naysayers think, they are here to make their marks – The Native

Wait for it, it probably comes on as soul/jazz track until Zarion sets the rhythms in, and YP’s bars makes it clear that a party is about to erupt even amidst the struggles both music geniuses have been lamenting about, trapping all the way. This one should qualify for your recurrent summer playlists, good stuff. Have a good listen.


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