7 songs you should know.

Music is the expression of experiences through melodic rhymes and rhythm which is why it’s considered a universal language. No matter what part of the world you’re in the moment a good song comes on, one instantly finds himself possessed by the sound. Below are a couple of songs I feel should be heard by the world either because of the content/context or the production of the song.

Love Like This By Trill Xoe Feat. Tonero & Rilwan:

This song has to be one of the best songs of the year so far. Xoe came through with the production and feature two instant talents to kill it.

It goes:

The way that you bumping and grinding
I can tell that you the one
cause inside I’m slowly dying I think I’m in love
baby bring that ass over her let me show you how it’s done
cause I can see that you dancing by yourself and you look like you need somebody else

Tell the Dj to bump up the volume
cause now we getting lit like a candle
let me show you things that I can do
I swear that when we’re done you’ll be feeling brand new

baby girl we should link sometime
blow some trees and drink some wine
and when I look into your eyes
you make me to realize...”

I Wrote A Song About You By Rookie SBK:

Rookie is known for making pussy watering music that straight up puts you in your feels and makes you want to call your ex up to ask her what the deal is.

In this melodic song he expresses his feelings for a girl He really loves He goes:

we don’t talk anymore
we just dance to the tunes
I’m already in love
I’m a fool for you.

my baby got passion
my baby’s got groove
not much of an answer
when I make the move

Vibrations, Clearly By BarelyAnyHook:

Rapper BarelyAnyHook drops bars for days on a regular but in this song, he even goes deeper fusing rap and RnB to exhume this track.

He goes;

you got exported from Africa
under the nose of the Elephants
I see your ass in the magazines
sports illustrated the ebony
trying not to get ahead of me
locks on your head like the keys keys keys
release my destiny please, please
I need you in my sheets sheets sheets
sooner than later…

Lost In Your Ways By Andre Music:

Andre Music documents his life with rhythmic Afro Beats from the gods. His “Alive EP” proves beyond reasonable doubt that he is here to stay.

In this song He goes

let me take you far away
and we can fly away baby
(you can fly away)
your beauty’s so divine
my man dem think say
you don jazz me (yea yea)

i want to be right beside you baby
you got me in a trance
pretty lady
you makes me think say i no ready(eh)

i’m lost in your ways
i’m lost in your ways (would you find me)
the things that you say
the things that you do
driving me crazy

Kilonshele gan gan
With your pretty Sean John
Omo what’s the level gan gan with your pretty dean Jean
I want that fine face
I want that fine body too

Talk to You By D-Truce:

Dusten Truce comes through with ceiling touching vibes with this one, though this song came out last year it’s been slept on but D-Truce keeps it going by releasing visuals for the song this year.

he goes

Girl I’m tryna talk to you,
Baby no dey spoil the mood,
E get some things I wanna say to you,
But before we talk make I lift your mood,

Catch the vibe… get the feeling,
Shaqi wine and touch the ceiling

Heartless By Psycho YP Feat. Santi & Ayüü:

This song hits you immediately the best drops.YP fuses various musical elements and genres together featuring Santi and Ayüü

It goes:

Imma say too much of one thing it’s gonna leave you heartless
leave you heartless
leave you heartless
too much of one thing is gonna
leave you heartless, heartless
leave you heartless

Fire In The Park By TITXN Feat VIVE:

If you love Stormzys “Shut Up” you’d love this song. Rapper TITXN spits bars on bars on why he should be considered one of the best in the scene.

He goes:

One time for the man dem
Take two for the action
Blow trees then I be spazzing
Forfeit plans of you tryna surpass me
really gotta show these other niggaz how it happens
batman with a bat back to attack em
it’s cracking imagine we gas em in tandem
cockman with a gun cock and i blast em

Disclaimer: This list is not in order of ranking.

Daniel Ayuba

mental creative

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