Africa’s biggest blogger just launched her own tv network

In 2016, when Linda Ikeji launched her own social networking platform – Linda Ikeji Social (LIS), the Nigerian internet sphere went agog, and while many were quick to backtalk and call her out for building a subpar web app, some people praised her for taking the bold move. Interestingly six days after its inception, 86000 people had signed up and on the seventh day, or few days after, the entire ‘next Facebook of Africa’ thing rested. Still, nothing could stop the continent’s most controversial digital media entrepreneur or even, the most successful at it, she moved on to introduce the music arm of the business — Linda Ikeji Music and an online radio — Linda Ikeji Radio, but it will only be fair to say we’re still waiting to see how far both services (may) go.

On December 14 2017, she had announced her plans to venture into the TV streaming space with the trailer of “Oyinbo Wives of Lagos,” a reality show centered on the lives of urban-struck Nigerian women married to white men. Away from my much-guarded efforts to not be seen as a hater, it’s imperative to acknowledge the many things she may be doing right, not only has she redefined boundaries for the next wave of media-tech entrepreneurs in Africa, she has presented a product – streaming, to a vast percentage of the population and only Linda Ikeji has the numbers to investigate the potential of that market for other Nigerian or foreign businesses. I’ll only critique why most of the shows resonate around the regular cliche Lagos/Gidi stories, but really, the market is obsessive with such content type so I keep my 10 cents.

Like most streaming applications, LITV subscribers are expected to pay 1000 naira for a month, 3000 naira for three months, 5500 naira for six months and 10000 for a year to have access to the array of content on the platform.

Going through the comment section of her blog, many of her readers already showed signs of enthusiasm but the majority are telling the most Nigerian problems – fear of submitting credit card details, data accessibility and why she isn’t offering a free trial for our readers.

Linda Ikeji says there are plans to add foreign movies and series from countries such as Ghana, Kenya, South Africa and USA, Kannywood movies and series to the already existing content on the platform and plans to live stream some of the reality shows in the future. In the main time, let’s wait and hope to see disruption happen.

Richard Ogundiya

Journalist & Techpreneur. Africa, communications and data.

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