Akiriko’s “Loose Guard” is a pithy love song touching on vulnerability as a hopeless romantic

As Nigerian pop music continues to go across the world, attention is being drawn to the inventive ways that singers reverb their words or straddle vocal pockets that are not always visible. This has often been ascribed to the diverse sonic influences that fuse together to form the DNA of popular Nigerian music.

The minimalist sound that came into vogue circa 2014 is currently the biggest influence on Nigerian pop at the moment and on his latest song, “Looseguard,” Akiriko taps into that lustrous sound to make a feel-good love ditty. 

Straddling an experimental instrumental by BeatbyBean, Akiriko sings about being in tune with a love interest and expresses his intent towards her in soft, oft-whispered, coos that match the tropical vibe of the song.

His lyrics are pithy and fresh as he syncs love, desire, and opulence into his smartly delivered verses that depict him as a certified loverboy. BeatbyBean’s beat helps the singer map out his direction on the 2-minute song, pushing him into new territory with each second. 

In the video for the single, Akiriko translates the fun and desire of “Looseguard” into an incandescent playhouse of desire featuring himself and his love interest that is pockmarked by lilting candles and dimly-lit scenes that compliments the connection between the on-screen couple. 

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