Voices of Music: Bolanle by RocketmanBrz is aunthentic love gyration

There should be an African proverb that goes ‘When you hear good music, you know it’, or it probably even exists. For music makers, the reason you make music is not really to be a big star (even if you secretly wish for it), it’s most likely because making music makes you happy, and connected to yourself, your world or something you love. It enlivens you and turns you on, as well as your listeners. The world would be a dull place without it.

This is exactly how I felt the first time I heard Bolanle, RocketmanBrz’ debut single as he takes on a career in Africa’s burgeoning music industry. For a first song, Brz – (pronounced Breeze) compels many hearts with the authenticity and warmth of his music. He’s the perfect blend of Afropop, R&B and urban Fuji, a Nigerian traditional genre with elements of harmonica, vocals and drums.

Although Brz’ musical alter-ego is an astronaut, in this entry, he’s crushing hard on the girl of his dreams without making it a sentimental slow jam but he finds himself admitting to doing things Olamide blames ‘Yemi my Lover’ for. This is arguably one of the best listens out of the many releases so far in 2019 and Brz has defined a sound, one sweet sonic flow that we’ll always hold him responsible for. February 14 came early.

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