Codello Art Reviews: Niyi Okeowo’s Digital Book – Mr. Color

In partnership with art company Codelllo, we will be reviewing art projects. An artist bringing together different parts of art under one topic or body to explain what they see is one of the innate ways to understand the voice, ideas and characters pioneering a generation, a glimpse is going on around. We aim to document and capture these moments of incredible artistry and crafty storytelling starting with ‘Mr. Color‘ from multidisciplinarian Niyi Okeowo.

Multi-faceted designer, visual artist, and photographer, Niyi Okeowo gives new meaning to the phrase “Space the final frontier” through his side project, Mr. Color to mark the first year of his pseudo-ego; in a digital booklet that can be described as an exploration of space void of time. Using the most vibrant hues and gradients to tell what is akin to a love story that tangles an astronaut aptly called The Spaceman, a humanoid called ARIA (Arithmetic Integrated Android), a voyage through a vivid universe, a merger, death, rebirth, and evolution. The interaction between the two forms and their environments combines to create new forms that further express the emotions that the palettes convey.

The first chapter, Futura: the spaceman is lost… in space; shows us the isolation of the astronaut using frames that feature plenty of negative space, his encounter with an obelisk, and a view of a fleeting image of himself.

The second chapter, ARIA: arithmetic integrated android; initializes the humanoid in rich purple, introduces both characters first interaction, a distortion, revelation of negligibility, descent and separation.

The third chapter, Explora Majora: didn’t happen / won’t explain it; highlights a dissociation and an exploration of intersecting voids.

The fourth chapter, ARIA II: digital successor; we see death, resuscitation, transmogrification, synthesis, rebirth, and acceptance from within and without. 

Chapter five of the book, Astra: gatekeepers from the start; harnesses light and the powers of existence and achieves calm amidst chaos.

If you appreciate Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey and Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar, you’ll definitely love this body of work. it is also reminiscent in some ways of the relationship between MasterChef and Cortana of Microsoft’s Halo franchise.

Niyi Okeowo has proved to be a master of graphic design and 3D modeling; with his work, he has inspired a number of Nigerian visual artists and graphic designers alike. This project is an excellent display of his mastery of both skills and his ability to integrate both into an artistic project in true finesse. He has always been passionate about mental health and the images in the booklet ring true of this, the hues and placement of forms in lonely and somewhat isolated environments depict the true state of human mind, reality, and existence, alone.

Check out Mr. Color

Written by Ose Adeniyi

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