Look No Further Than Vectorbykwesi For Pop Culture Illustrations on Instagram

Lately, I’ve embarked on a personal project to find and spotlight as many African artists I can, and at this juncture, I stumbled upon interesting illustrations from an Instagram account in Ghana by the name of Vectorbykwesi, it pictured wide-ranging pop culture references.

I was curious to know a few things about the individual behind the pop art, so we had a brief back and forth which I’ve shared here along with some of his work.



Douglas Opoku Antwi by Douglas Opoku Antwi

Who are you and what draws you to this form of illustration as a mode of expression?

Kwesi is what everybody calls me but my government name Douglas Opoku Antwi. I am an illustrator and a graphic designer. I just love this style of illustration with NSFW contents. Keeps me going lol.


How do you choose subjects to illustrate?

Okay, I basically do more tracing and manipulation [sometimes freehand, rarely] by using the pen tool so I go online to choose whoever/whatever I feel is inspiring, and create content.

Family guy vectorbykwesi

What are the themes you’re particularly interested in exploring with your work?

I am a more of an NSFW guy. Usually, that’s where most of my inspiration comes from. I get more from watching anime as well.

Who are your artistic inspirations?

It’s a long list haha! But these guys inspire me the most in both illustration/art and graphic designing fields so in no particular order; @themohamz @feoisugly @kaz_xix @hansenakiti @gerald305 @rokz_art @onerjz @leroywadie @ggrreeyyffooxx @dustincoopergraphics @dejama.rie [on Instagram]

Kanye west Vectorbykwesi

What is the big picture, if I may ask?

The big picture? I want to take Ghana global with the stuff I do [which is nothing new] and start a well-established firm to host and teach interested ones. I would love to see my illustrations as murals someday, lol meh.

What’s the biggest challenge you face being an artist in Ghana?

Haha! This is crazy chale… basing this on my followers on Instagram, the highest population are outside of Ghana so most of the commissions I receive are mostly not from Ghana though I’ve been privileged to work on a couple joints including Amaarae’s PassionFruit Summers EP artwork alongside my senseis Kazaam and Feo

What is Two-Tired inc?

Two-Tired Inc. is a collaborative art firm by myself and my brother, Feo [@feoisugly] asides us freelancing. We illustrate and design as we normally do but this time, fuse our style of illustration to create unique concepts. Two-Tired Inc. is also the “mother” to our charity-based apparel Ankonam. which we will be officially releasing our next stock for sale in September.

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