#EatDrinkFestival is Here Again and This Time They’re Going Cashless


For the first time ever, the EatDrinkFestival event will be cashless, using preloaded wristbands for purchasing food and drink. They’ve done this by introducing a festival currency called ‘Feast points’ to speed up the time it takes to purchase a drink or food at the festival. So no more ATM lines & no need to worry about “we don’t have change” or “POS is not working”.

Wristbands can be purchased online ahead of the festival and can be picked up at Café One in Lekki, or on arrival at the festival. You will be emailed a “ticket” to confirm your purchase. When you arrive at the festival or Café One, your ticket will be swapped for a wristband which must remain on your wrist for the duration of the event.

This wristband will double as a purse for your Feast Points and your ticket for both event days. These wristbands can be topped up with cash or POS. EatDrinkLagos promises to have at least 20 stations available for top-up with dedicated POS and cash lanes. A one-off activation fee of N1000 will be charged to you the first time you add points to a wristband.


You can add as much or as little as you like to your wristband, and will be able to add additional points throughout the day if you run out. This will be the only fee charged, i.e. there’s no separate “gate fee”. If you have more than 300 points left after the festival, there’s no qualms, you can cash out your refund at one of the top-up stations, with a N100 refund fee. Cash will not be accepted by vendors at the event but you can use cash to top up your band.

We had a few questions ourselves regarding the schematics of this, and the EatDrinkLagos team shared some detailed answers:

How does it work at the event?

When you arrive at the event, you will proceed to the registration desk and you will be able to:

  1. Buy a wristband and load funds on it by paying with POS or cash
  2. If you purchased an “online ticket” it will be scanned and swapped for a wristband at the front gate and you can top it up with funds by paying with POS or cash
  3. If you pick up your wristband ahead of the event, which we recommend, and this will be done at Café One and you can simply walk straight in.

This wristband needs to remain on your wrist for the duration of the event. Once you have loaded points onto your wristband you can visit any of the food or drink vendors on-site. Let them know what you would like to purchase and they will scan your wristband in order to deduct the correct amount – and then it’s time to enjoy your purchase!

Inside the event, you will also be able to load additional points onto your wristband using exact cash or credit/debit card. Look out for one of our top-up tents or friendly top-up staff who can help you do this.

How much should one load onto their wristband?

We would recommend loading a minimum of N5000 to your wristband at initial top-up in order to maximize your experience at the event.

How can I check how much is left on my wristband?

You can simply ask any vendor or top-up staff member to scan your wristband to see how much credit you have remaining. After each transaction, the vendor will also show you the balance you have remaining.

Is there a cost to me?

In order to make use of the awesome benefits that cashless provides [mainly shorter wait times for you!], a one-time activation fee of N1000 will be deducted from your initial top-up. So if you add N5000 to your wristband the first time you top-up, you’ll have N4000 left to spend. Each consecutive time you add funds to your wristband, 100% of the funds you add will be yours to spend at the festival.

If I buy an online ticket for N1000 will I still be charged an activation fee of N1000 when I collect my wristband?

No, you will not, the online “ticket” is the same charge as the wristband activation fee.

If I don’t spend everything on my wristband, can I get a refund on what’s left over?

Yes, you can! Make sure you hold onto your wristband after the event and head to any of the top-up stations to claim your refund. Please note, if you have less than 300 points remaining on your wristband, this refund is unable to be processed.


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