Euphonic Music Company.

Euphonic — A New Age Music Company from Nigeria.

What does this word mean, one might ask, euphonic? From what I gather, it means sounds pleasing to the ear, what better way to characterize music. Euphonic is a part of Baroque Age and I am a part of Baroque Age, so I compose this from a backroom perspective so to speak.

Before I begin, I’ve noticed that the term ‘New Age’ makes quite a number of people cringe these days and I totally understand that reaction, we tend to objurgate things we do not understand, we’re only human and I don’t blame anyone for thinking this way, although I bet Galileo would have some blame to dish around in this regard, but I understand what the term holds in its entirety so the growing discontent does not shake the values we hold dear.

All artworks are created by Euphonic’s in-house art direction team led by Sadiq Yinka and Raymond Okhidievbie, with additions from Codelo’s C/O Ose Adeniyi.

I’ll start with its inception. Euphonic began in the unlikeliest of places; a dream fathomed in a dorm room of an institution notorious for being a killer of dreams, Babcock University. We were just a group of friends with infectious vibes and whenever we came together it turned exponential. Seyi, Tonero, and I, had a day-long discussion about our passions, dreams, values to deeply understand the mission we’d just chosen to embark on and before long, the team began to grow with bright minds who had finally found a space where they could truthfully express their innate selves through human interaction and through their music, to friends patient enough to crave to understand each other, and thus it began, a routine of a couple of conscious niggas getting high, talking philosophically and making music. We underwent a great deal of growth during those times, a pure and organic growth, it should be no mystery that Tonero’s Ajna was a metaphorical description of the birth of Euphonic, an opening of our collective third eye, with nothing but belief in ourselves and the music as our guide.

In our many discussions, we often spoke about building a society where conscious music is welcomed, artistes are more self aware of their craft and the music becomes an extension of themselves. To usher in African music of the highest quality, we recognized that we must give it our all no matter where we found ourselves, great music must be the starting point and we must not compromise on the quality of the music we make, because it exists to serve a greater purpose than getting to the fast life. The sound serves as our call for liberation.

Below are brief summaries of Euphonic’s members:

ToneroTonero is the music director and co-founder of Euphonic, he writes and produces his work. His was the first body of work the company released titled ‘Ajna’ and he has further released five singles, the latest being ‘Missed Calls


BondBond is Euphonic’s chief audio engineer, a lot of the sounds in and out of the company are heavily influenced by him. He released a debut EP last year titled ‘Book of Bond’ and another this year with our Ghanaian counterparts, Vision Inspired Music titled ‘Neighbours’, he has a few singles under his belt, including his 2017 rap debut titled ‘Dash


Suede: Suede was one of the first members of Euphonic in its dorm room inception. His debut single titled ‘End of time’ is a love song for the ages and his second release is an ode to Africa titled ‘Alkebulan

TrillXoe: Xoe is a producer and the team’s youngest member. He has released a mixtape series under the name ‘Tales’. The last of which possessed fan favorite ‘I’m coming’ co-produced by 80sounds member Tobay and featuring Psycho YP.


To Name a Few: Is a band consisting of Goldrummachine and Brum3h. Their soothing records such as ‘Stay Over’ and ‘Based’ which also had a remix featuring Barelyanyhook are no wonder why they are a cause of frequent fanfare. Goldrummachine handles the production while Brum3h is the lead vocalist. They’re also founders of their own creative company called ‘ArtSquare

Charlie: She is the latest addition to the team, her first single as a part of Euphonic titled ‘GST’ is available on SoundCloud. She’s also the founder of Oddball Sound, a sister label to Euphonic Music.

At the moment this music company is focused on nurturing its organic growth in order to attract a genuine fan base built on love for the sound and the vision that will stand the test of time and be there when push comes to shove.

The near future though, promises bright prospects and a few new projects to keep the company’s current following engaged and also to reach out to ears willing to be immersed in the Vox.

Nasir Ahmed Achile

Philosophy nut. I recommend Albert Camus and Eckhart Tolle to everyone I know.


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