Kiki Mordi teases trailer of her next documentary – ‘What Happened To Tarkwa Bay’.


Tarkwa Bay is no new place to many Lagosians and tourists who find it as a recreational attraction. However, the coastal island settlement was home to thousands of Lagosians for over three decades until January 21 2020. Residents of Tarkwa bay were forcefully evicted by the Navy who shot and assaulted people regardless of gender or age.

While no notice was earlier tendered to the 4,500 residents, the government bases its decision mostly on pipeline vandalism and increased crime activities in the region.

This isn’t the first time Lagos State is evicting residents of low income communities. In fact, the government has been countlessly accused of rendering families homeless for the sake of its own gentrification with concrete evidences.

In July 1990, 300,000 people were displaced in Makoko, 15,000 people in Banana Island in January 1995, another 15,000 displaced in Ilubirin beachfront community in January 1997. Badia East was evacuated on October, 2003 displacing 5,000 residents, followed by Bar Beach in August 2008 affecting 80,000 lives and more recently the eviction of Otodo Gbame residents in April 2017 displacing 30,000 residents. 

Award-winning Journalist and producer of the critically acclaimed BBC #SexForGrades documentary, Kiki Mordi has another one up her sleeves. ‘What Happened To Tarkwa Bay’ is an expose on life on the island as told by residents themselves. Through her production outfit Document Women aimed at telling stories that affect women and vulnerable groups, Kiki puts the lens across the settlements in the bay, unraveling the true story behind the forceful eviction of residents.

Watch the trailer here:

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