Lagos State Will Experience 240 days Of Rainfall From March 19.

If you need proof that global warming is slowly (but surely) affecting Africa, here’s one for you — Lagos State’s Commissioner for the Environment and Water Resources, Tunji Bello recently warned residents of the State at a news conference to prepare for the consequences of 240-270 days rain with the 2020 rainfall predicted to begin in March 19 and end November 22.

According to the commissioner, “Seasonal Rainfall Prediction (SRP) is to allay fears of residents and prepare them ahead for the likely consequences of the rain. Lagos Island is expected to have a rainfall onset date of March 19, with an error margin of three days, while its cessation date is expected to be November 26. It is also expected that Lagos Island will have about 252 days of rainfall and about 1,714 millimetres of rainfall over the year. It can be deduced that Lagos State shall experience a rainy season of 240-270 days, while the maximum annual rainfall is predicted to be 1,750 millimetres. The year 2020 will likely experience days with extremely high rainfall amount which may result in flooding. Another contributory factor to possible flooding in the state is sea-level rise. This poses the biggest risk to coastal areas and the state’s drainage infrastructure, as anytime there is high tidal movement, it may ‘lock up’ the discharged points of drainage channels and until it recedes, there will be no discharge.

A Few Plans Lagos State Is Putting In Place.

  • The government plans on strengthening up the ministry’s enlightenment efforts to sensitise and advise communities in coastal and low-lying wetland areas of the state. Warning them ahead to move upward to avert needless loss of lives and property when the need arises.
  • The ministry would serve an abatement notice to owners of illegal structures, violators of buildings, regulations on drainage alignments tenements and institutions discharging solid waste in water bodies.
  • The telephone numbers of all the state drainage engineers would be available in the 57 Local Government Areas and Local Council Development Areas of the state to attend to all needs before, during and after the rainy season.
  • A partnership between Ogun-Osun River Basin Development Authority has ensured control and monitoring of steady and systematic release of water from Oyan Dam to prevent flooding of the release of the downstream communities.

This will be the best time to get your umbrellas and raincoat gear ready for the rainy days ahead. On the flip side, no more heatwave.

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