Nike & Nigeria Team Up For Another Awesome Jersey Drop


Nike doubles down on it’s luck with the release Of another iconic football collection for the Nigerian Super Eagles, two years after the release of their last acclaimed collaboration with the country’s 2018 release.

The shirts sold out in June 2018 in London. And they were voted the best at Russia FIFA World Cup.

The kit’s pattern was hand drawn and is highly symbolic of Nigerian heritage with nods to nobility and family. Nigeria’s crest is placed centrally on the chest with a Swoosh underneath it. The player names and numbers integrate the eagle feather into the application. “Naija” appears inside the neck of jersey and on the back of the socks in a new typeface. The away kit is inspired by Onaism, a traditional artistic movement central to Nigerian design and craft represented in the trim details. An eagle feather aesthetic, creatively distorted, continuously repeats in ascending size to create a visual impact. The collar has a slight V overlap with a thicker overlap in the back. Both the collar and the sleeves feature a slight nick at the mid-point.

According To Nike.

The broader Naija collection will feature an extensive array of Super Eagles apparel including a poncho, vest, dress and more.

The next stage of the World Cup qualifier will commence on March 23, 2020. The draw will be conducted on January 21.

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