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The Art of Beauty: Connecting the dots with Wura Salvador


This part of The Art of Beauty series features makeup artist, Wura Salvador. If you’ve been witnessing the growth of various Nigerian creative scenes in recent years, chances are, you’ve seen Wura Salvador’s work beautifying the final product published in media of some fan favourites. Wura’s a makeup artist whose reputation precedes her, due to the amount of work she’s been involved in, even before she started her professional career.

We talked to Wura about her journey into makeup, her creative process, what beauty means to her, misconceptions about makeup, and some of her personal favourite makeup artists.

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Makeup artists are cosmetic specialists who are responsible for enhancing facial aesthetics through makeup, they use their knowledge of colour palettes, design styles, trends and aesthetics to make imagination a reality. Anyone who overlooks the importance of makeup artists in creative industries, events and everyday life, does a disservice to their own knowledge.

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How long have you been creating with makeup?

Wura Salvador: I’ve been creating with makeup for about 7 years now but I have been working commercially for about 1 year and 1 month now

Wura Salvador
Ashley Okoli

In terms of training, did you receive any professionally, or did you learn majorly on your own?  

No, I’ve never gotten any professional training, I just keep practicing, however, I plan on getting some formal professional training very very soon.

Is there a certain set of ideal conditions that bring out the best in your work? If so, tell us about some of these?

I work best in carefree environments where I am also feeling very carefree and easy, and when I’m working on/with super friendly and sweet people, it’s a great experience. 

Wura Salvador

What does beauty mean to you?

Beauty for ME would be in confidence, the ability to carry/own your features and just believe in your slay, period.

Can you talk us through your creative process?

I usually get ideas from colors, old beauty posts, OG makeup artists, magazine shoots and random art forms. Then I go do research on whatever has inspired me, try to get to the roots of what it actually is, look at OG visual references and modern ones, I watch a lot of YouTube videos in case I am missing anything and to get tips on how to achieve what I want easier. Then I do a test run of the idea to see if there is anything I would struggle with achieving and find a way to not struggle, get my hairstyling down cause hair is super important for makeup and I finally execute! 

Wavy The Creator
How do you handle different clients’ wants, especially when they don’t know what exactly that is?

I try to do a little research on my clients’ social media to know their makeup styles and what they like to look like, then I go ahead to ask them what they’d like. I don’t need anything exact just a vibe is okay for me. More research is done to find visual references according to the vibe they have given me, I send them a mood board and then we agree on what to go for. All of this happens before the appointment date so I’m completely ready when I do meet them. 

What would you say has been your most challenging project so far?

That would be the full-body glitter paint project I had to do last year. I couldn’t find glitter paint anywhere so I had to improvise and it was super tasking and time-consuming. Thankfully it came out splendid! I also met one of the most important people in my life right now on that set so I would say it was all a blessing. 

Wura Salvador
Wura Salvador
What would you say has been your most fulfilling project so far?

All my projects and bookings are extremely fulfilling to me. I just absolutely love being able to deliver, making people happy, glamorous and satisfied. Nothing compares to the feeling of satisfying my clients. I LOVE DOING MAKEUP! 

What’s something you wish more people knew about the art of makeup?

That it’s not that deep. All types of makeup are beautiful and artistic in their own way, regardless if it’s professional or not. Just flex and enjoy the craft rather than striving for perfection. 

Wura Salvador
Who are some other makeup artists you hold in high regard?

Danessa Myricks is my number one. I had the opportunity of modelling for her in 2018 and my makeup game has never been the same. I also really love Bregha, an amazing soul who I have also had the opportunity to model for. I really love Meraki by Onome, Beauty by Lartee, Ayopo, Edima, Barri the creator, and any other MUA in my generation killing it! It’s not an easy industry and you are all MVPs! 

Wura Salvador

Nasir Ahmed Achile

Philosophy nut. I recommend Albert Camus and Eckhart Tolle to everyone I know.


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