LOS Tribe EP

The Reunion: A Review of the LOS Tribe EP.

The year is 2020, things couldn’t be much worse based on the fact that the world is in chaos, literal chaos and things have never seemed so uncertain. Well there’s a highlight to all of this — the LOS Tribe EP, yes you heard it right, Loud On Sound — The collective which comprises of Zamir, Bad Bridge, Bris B and Tomi Thomas just dropped a 3 track C4 package out of the blue. 

The thing with LOS is that everyone knows how talented they all are as individuals. And we also know there’s a limited catalog of their music as a group. But they’ve all been outstanding in their individual careers and have at least one individual project. But still an LOS tape is something to be really excited about.

Not surprisingly it created a lot of buzz on the internet and you can be assured it wasn’t just hype. Safe to say I’ve given this project nothing less than a hundred listens since it dropped sometime in May. Let’s check out what the young and seasoned collective have for us:

Didn’t know: The beat on this track is an easy meal for Tomi Thomas as he drops his “Higher Vibration” sound on it. The tone is set for Zamir who comes in and effortlessly gives us his custom flow. The hook of this song is really nice. Bris B !!! His verses are so rare you have to appreciate each one you hear. He delivers a really decent performance. Bad Bridge came with the ammo on this. smooth rap. They compliment each other so much you would think it was one person on the track with different flows. 

Language: Kufre on the boards!!!! This is a beat Playboi Carti would be happy to have in his catalog. No cap on that, Zamir tased on the hook. Classic one. Bris B with the heat and a fire verse from Bris. Zamir is like the engine on this track holding the whole thing together. Bridge did not come to play on this. He admits he took some L’s in 2016 but bounced back . He tells you how he’s not been on the scene but this doesn’t mean he isn’t raking in the green. Bridge just reminded us he’s overdue for another project. 

Emotionz: Genio where ya at my nigga? This is easily my best song on the project. This is bouncing castle Zamir, on the hook. This is a mid-tempo love song. “Spend a lot of nights alone”. The rap verses on this are top-notch “Real niggas don’t twitter fight, all we do is roll big”. Bris B keeps giving us snippets of what he’s capable of and he’s toying with our emotions (pun intended) by not giving us longer verses. This is a worthy ending to a near-perfect tape. Bambino is a beast by the way.

My general take on the LOS Tribe EP is that family will always be family. The chemistry on this project is overwhelming. It’s like a building with 4 beams instead of triple beams. They all complement each other in an organic way. There’s no friction of any kind. They fit in like a jigsaw puzzle. Another take is I can’t seem to play any of the songs as a single. I’d rather play the 3 tracks back to back and I have a feeling that was the plan during the making. All the songs also support each other in the same way the artistes compliment themselves. The verses are short but quality content.  I have a feeling and I really hope this is just an appetiser and there’s a bigger meal coming from this extremely talented creative collective.

No one knows for sure if this was just one project for the culture or a sign that LOS are back again but any LOS music is good music and will be appreciated by every music lover.

Enimola Austin

Unforgiving Times but Fuck it, I'll manage.

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