Through The Lens: Straffitti’s new music video for ‘Jabo’ featuring RASTAVELLI.


STRAFFITTI (He’s particular about his name being spelled in all caps) is a very unorthodox individual and you could definitely tell from his music, branding, art direction, and his choice of words which he shared with us when we profiled him late last year. Grooming his brand to stand out from everything in his generation, his exploration of different imaginative stories curated in his head and ‘Thirsty‘ world always shoots for the most bizarre, outrageous and in your face, his very bold way of saying he’s outspoken and out of this world.

Two sides of his art stand out the most in creating a unique identifier for all things STRAFFITTI, his art direction and music videos with the latter leaving a longer mark on the mind. With three videos under his belt, every one of them has a story and pictorial feel, like little scenes he sees his life in. From Cherry Game Girl, to Trounce and his latest offering Jabo featuring regular collaborator Rastavelli he makes sure your eyes stay puzzled on whatever he’s displaying.

Not many creatives take their videos as serious as STRAFFITTI, Jabo puts us in an El Chapo type environment as STRAFFITTI warns off his haters from snitching on the clique and what’s being done legally or illegally really doesn’t matter when you’re rolling with his gang. As usual, it’s kept minimal yet somehow explosive (literally).

Richard Ogundiya

Journalist & Techpreneur. Africa, communications and data.

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