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Art comes in different forms, shapes, and sizes, with different cultural relevance in numerous places around the world. The Significance of Art lost to the European States in relation to Africa’s lost culture is what drew me to the topic of today the ‘mobile museum‘ an art exhibition on wheels touring Ghana. 

This idea was first curated by the ANO Institute of Contemporary Arts, Founder Nana Oforiatta Ayim, an artist and filmmaker who mainly focuses on surfacing and celebrating African art, challenging historiographies, and transforming social contexts, came up with the concept of the “kiosk museum” in November 2016 where he decided to express Ghana’s culture by using kiosks around the state to foster awareness after seeing African art laying on dusty shelves abroad while in actuality the relevance of these pieces at home remains significant.

The aim of The Mobile Museum is just to take back the narrative of what the Ghanaian culture is and have the people who lived it and experienced it every single day be the dictators of that narrative instead of it being imposed, says Natasha Tania Gordon, head of strategy at ANO.

This concept canvased out of the kiosk museum idea lead to the concept of contemporary art being displayed in a four meter high mobile collapsible structure designed by the architect Latifah Iddriss [who also works on projects spanning across art, photography, graphic design and product design] that will be driven around Ghana starting this week in Kyebi [Eastern Ghana] where it’s scheduled to spend two weeks with a specialized team of cultural researchers, photographers, historians, art lovers, and influencers touring the town and nearby locations speaking to traditional heads, elders and residents about its historical moments, collecting artifacts of historical and contemporary importance.

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