Watch Falz speak in tongues in new feature with Charly boy – ‘God of Men’.

Through Jesus Christ our lord, na wetin dem day take deceive us oh Amen Amen Amen…

The church in Nigeria has one of the most dynamic evangelical and missionary movements in Africa and indeed the world, with thousands of missionaries and presence in 196 countries. 70 million christians is enough numbers to put Nigeria as one of the religion’s top destinations and a force to reckon with in the international community.

Veteran Nigerian musician and activist Charly boy returns to the scene with ‘God of Men’, his latest single featuring controversial rapper Falz the Bahdguy. Both artists are well known for their conscious and radical music, and for being vocal with national issues including corruption, governance and other national affairs. They also happen to be offsprings of two of Nigeria’s prominent and influential legal luminaries.

I chose to title it ‘God of Men’ because of how most Nigerians are worshiping their pastors, not God, so pastors have become gods of men. The song talks about fake pastors and I mentioned names of some fake pastors that I know.

– Charly boy.

In 2018, Falz did a remake of Childish Gambino’sThis is America‘ which went viral and drew criticisms which later led to a ban. On this new track, he doesn’t seem to be toning down his voice as he and Charly boy unwrap issues about exploitation, corruption, assaults and values on a beat inspired by Fela’s Amen. This is definitely going to draw so much commentaries in the coming days, but it’s great to see both artistes hellbent on making conscious music.

Watch the video here:

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