#BestNewMusic: GoldDrumMachine Channels His Chillwave Essence In New Single, ‘There’s Nothing Left To Hold On To’

Producer, vocalist and graphic artist member of alternative band, Forevatired, Golddrummachine is renowned for his chillwave essence; highlighted by his signature ethereal synths. Since debuting his solo discography in 2016 with his Africa in Technicolor EP and following up with 808 CR in 2017, the reclusive artist’s solo career has been rather quiet, as he focused on working more on projects with the band.

Now back with a track he describes as one he’s ‘held on to for so long’, ‘There’s Nothing Left To Hold On To’ is a warmly welcomed breath of fresh air, especially in these unfortunate corona times. Written, performed and produced by him, the track sees the artist dwell in his tendency to gravitate towards the self-referential; emanating the escapist lyrics particular to the chillwave genre.

Exploring themes of self-reflection and loneliness, ‘There’s Nothing Left To Hold On To’ is a soliloquy portraying the artist in a state of sombre introspection, ‘Never really deeped how lonely I be/Dipped in reality with my own depravities/Dipped in insanity this ain’t how it post to be’, as he acknowledges his unhealthy coping habits, ‘My soul is tethered to the NyQuil up in my satchel/And the vitamins and capsules in my pocket/I’m a motherfuckin riot’. But he’s not oblivious to the possible consequences; he knows exactly where he may be headed if he keeps this up, ‘One of these days I’ll end up in a case’.

Golddrummachine experiments with the various textures of his voice; reciting the hook in a voice highly reminiscent of Smino, following with a verse recounted in digitally enhanced baritone vocals, and switching things up with a pleasantly soulful falsetto on the outro; inherently showcasing his versatility in creating instantly recognisable but completely original music.

With these unpredictable times leaving us with ample opportunity to overthink, it’s tempting to get in our heads and resort to unhealthy habits to blur out the chaos up there. Instead, we can channel these thoughts towards resonating music like ‘There’s Nothing Left To Hold On To’, as we gear up for new music from Forevatired. Stay safe.

Stream ‘There’s Nothing Left To Hold On To’ below.

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