Watch the video for Russ and Davido’s lively collaboration ‘All I Want’

Russ is an American rapper, singer and producer, his last album ‘There’s Really a Wolf’ was certified platinum, he collaborates with Davido on this spirited single ‘All I Want’.

Davido’s energy was typified by the exuberant charisma we’ve come to expect, and the chorus he laid out perfectly followed suit, and is the reason this song will be getting replays time over.

This collaboration will not come as a surprise to many Russ fans, he has been known to continuously show his appreciation for Nigerian culture after being exposed to it by longtime friend and collaborator, rapper Bugus, who is a Nigerian. The Russ-Naija fusion was almost inevitable, and Davido was the man for the job.

The video set was marked by extravagance; a big house, lots of women, and everything else that comes with the lavish lifestyle. One thing that does stick out like a sore thumb, is how ironic it is that they sing to a girl about wanting only her, while being surrounded by other women, but hey, everyone plays the game differently.

This release could signal a coming of Russ to Nigeria in the near future, he may be surprised by the amount of fans he has in Nigeria, if the streaming data hasn’t already told him the tale.

Nasir Ahmed Achile

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