‘Stay’ Video from WavyTheCreator Ushers its Viewer on the Path to Individuality


The video starts and ends with monologues characterizing the song’s main themes which are individuality and escaping the clutches of commitment. Unsurprisingly, WavyTheCreator stands alone in this video, a choice made, possibly to reiterate her thirst for freedom and individuality.  The element of neon lights was a relevant spectacle infused that kept me enthralled in the avant-garde nature of the gender non-conforming singer. The editing also stands out; sporadically flashing some of WavyTheCreator’s tweets, switching aspect ratio among scenes, and some motion & color distortions that kept the video wavy.


There was a private viewing for STAY a week before its release, hosted by WavyTheCreator and Douglas Jekan in collaboration with Thompson Ekong and other sponsors like Absolut, The PGM Club, and The FreeMeSpace was held in Lagos and it attracted fans and supporters who couldn’t hide their excitement.  You could literally hear a needle drop in the viewing room, that’s how captivated the viewers were. The excitement in the room quickly translated into a mini-rave infused with rapturous energy that had members of the audience and Wavy herself vibing with a youthful enthusiasm that encapsulated the zeitgeist of this new generation.

In the words of WavyTheCreator,

“I feel humbled and fulfilled after tonight because a lot of people who had heard the song before today fell in love with it all over again, and those who were new to it fell in love for the first time and 5 more times after that.”

Olamide ‘Baddo” was also present at the viewing to support Wavy, I was conveniently seated next to him and I could sense his penchant for the video and more so WavyTheCreator.


Is WavyTheCreator Real?

STAY was the first song ever recorded by Wavy about two years ago in Houston produced by Giggz. According to Wavy, this song was inspired and influenced by a certain event that took place at the time. Unlike every other song WavyTheCreator has put out since the release of HIGHSTAY has been the most personal and emotional for the creative.

“I think out of all the songs I have released so far STAY is closest to home, because I can remember every feeling I felt while I was recording this song, especially because it was my first time recording an actual song. So it does hold a lot of meaning to me in some way.”

The visual was shot by Farai [fara_farai] in Ghana, directed and edited by WavyTheCreator and with the help of other creatives in Ghana like @sarf_bort & @omenfashion, Wavy was able to provide her fans with another different yet captivating visual. Once again, reminding us that the alien vibes are here to STAY.


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