The First Generation of BMX Riders in Nigeria

BMX Riders in Nigeria

Extreme sports are often a way for radical individuals to challenge their society’s norms and predispositions to break out as dynamic individuals outside of the pack. In Nigeria, where freedom of expression isn’t at a high, and every young person one sees challenging norms should be treated as a gem.

I first heard of Starboy BMX from my time immersed in the skate culture in Lagos through WafflesnCream, from there I went up on his Instagram to my awe, marveled at how much he carries this way of life with him to the most unorthodox and even generally more close-minded sceneries. Upon speaking with Starboy, he was under no pretense and shared that he works as a mechanic as a day job and bikes every other chance he has.

Starboy and his unlikely band of bikers give much hope to the future of young people being radical in their actions and not simply fitting into every status quo.

 BMX Riders in Nigeria

Red Bull BMX released a documentary last month about BMX riders in Nigeria, it’s a sight to behold and a well worthy watch. See below:


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